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Different Types of Mexican Sauces

Sauces are very important to authentic Mexican cuisine. There are so many types of sauces you will come across such as table sauces, cooking sauces etc. Anytime you go out for a meal, there will be some kind of a sauce accompanying it.

Salsa is the term used to refer to any type of sauce. This term is used for a more narrow selection of sauces in America, however. If you are interested in creating dishes from Mexican cuisine, there are specialty suppliers for Mexican sauces and salsas that you can find online. And instead of going from store to store, you will be able to find a wide variety of sauces that can be hard to find in your area. Table sauces are those that will be serviced on the side of a dish. These are generally spicy. You can use them in other ways in addition to dipping.

For example, you can try a bit of table sauces on meat, pasta dishes, cheese dishes etc. Some examples of these table sauces are guacamole, pico de gallo and salsa verde. Then there are cooking sauces that can be used for recipes. These sauces tend to have simple ingredients. Then there are thicker sauces with complex flavors that come from a combination of spices, seeds and herbs called moles. You will find Mexican adobos to be mostly red in color. This is due to the use of dried peppers. There are also cream sauces influenced by French cuisine such as cheese sauces.

Different Households Tend to Put Their Own Spin

On the sauce and it becomes something personal to them. Mole coloration is a traditional sauce made of carrots, onions, garlic, celery, bread, sesame seeds, mashed sweet plantains, cloves, cinnamon, tomatoes, raisins, thyme, black peppercorn etc. This is generally paired with poultry dishes. The list of ingredients will be ground and simmered together until the sauce thickens. This generally has a vibrant red color. There are also special sauces like mole Blanco that are prepared for special events. This is a very creamy sauce and it has a combination of nuts such as pine nuts, peanuts and almonds. These are combines with garlic, onion, chicken broth and habanero peppers.

Garlic Sauces Are a Favorite of Everyone

And you can actually try making some mojo de ajo to use as seasoning for tamales, empanadas, potatoes and chicken. It contains crushed garlic with olive oil, salt and a citrus addition such as lime, orange or lemon juice. You can blend these ingredients until the resulting sauce has a smooth consistency.

You can use it as an all-purpose seasoning. It is great for pairing with vegetables, yucca, chicken and steak. You can serve salse de chille pasilla with chicken, beef and tacos. It contains white onions, garlic, salt combined with the star ingredient which is pasilla chilli peppers that give its name. You need to make sure that this is not overblended so that there is still some texture in the final sauce. Once you have made the sauce, you can sprinkle chopped onions over it.

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