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What is Tree Lopping and is it Good for your Tree’s Health?

One typical nickname for someone who lops trees as a job is “tree lopper.” The term “tree loppers” is still frequently used to describe arborists and other tree service providers. An outdated kind of tree pruning called “tree lopping” or “tree topping” involves chopping off the top of the tree. This is done for a variety of reasons, chief among them safety and aesthetics or to encourage new growth, as well as to open up views, let in more light, and lessen the possibility of property damage. These are all good justifications. The average individual knows very little about how to properly care for trees, thus topping or lopping trees actually does more harm than good, makes the trees unhealthier, and could make them more dangerous.

Trees can become infected with decay-causing organisms after being cut down, which can cause the tree to rot from the inside out. That is why you should hire professional tree lopping Brisbane. Emergency shoots, which originate from buds in the bark, are the new shoots that grow around a topping cut. They are just linked to the bark, making them very likely to peel off when they get big. A saw and some basic tree care expertise are all that’s needed to top a tree. Tree service providers who lack knowledge of suitable tree pruning techniques are amateurs who don’t care about the long-term security of their clients.

What other options do you have for dealing with your trees besides hiring a tree lopper? There is an easy solution. For assistance with all of your tree needs, beginning with the right plant selection and tree location, consult a knowledgeable arborist. Every year, have your trees assessed so that any issues can be fixed before they become a problem. After heavy storms, check your trees to prevent hidden storm damage. A tree surgeon or tree doctor are common terms used to describe an arborist. There are two types of arborists: consultation arborists and active arborists. Consulting arborists primarily perform tree examinations and tree reports as well as offer advice on the health and maintenance of trees, much like a doctor could. They frequently recommend hiring a tree surgeon or certified arborist for any actual work on a tree (tree lopper). The practising arborist has received training in many different areas, including tree climbing, tree trimming, tree surgery, rigging, tree cutting, and tree felling.

What is a better option than chopping down trees? In contrast to tree lopping, there are other inventive and considerate approaches to prune trees. Some species can have their size, height, or width reduced properly through pruning. More light or open vistas may be made possible by thinning the canopy without endangering the health of the tree. If you don’t like your tree, your next choice is to remove it entirely. There are severe consequences for wrongful destruction or removal of significant tree species, so be careful to check your local council regulations before beginning tree removal.

And always remember to hire a professional arborist for your next tree pruning or tree removal project rather than a tree lopper.

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