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4 Most Common Oven Problems

One of the mostly used electrical appliances at our homes are ovens. Ovens are also a must have appliance in every kitchen. These objects play an important role in cooking great and tasty food in the modern society. So, ovens should be looked after and maintained well to function properly. Even though, you won’t be using it daily, you would at least opt for it once in a week.

There are few major problems which could occur within your oven. Few minor faults can be fixed by ourselves, but it is always better to opt for professionals to repair the major faults which may occur in your oven. So, let us go through the most common problems which might occur in your oven and get a better idea about them.

Not heating properly

This is a major problem of ovens. Many factors could be responsible for this issue. Most of the times heating element, gas igniter or the temperature sensor. It is better to do a checkup and make sure where the fault lies, before opting to repair the oven. After checking the temperature sensor is not with contact with the interiors of the oven, make sure you confirm that the sensor is working with an ohmmeter.

Not cooking food evenly

The food not getting cooked evenly is the mostly seen problem in the households. Most of the times you would have noticed the food is just cooked properly on one side and half-done on the other side, this is mostly because the heating process is not even in the oven interior.

You could fix this by preheating your oven and making sure that its heating components are on. Then you should check the temperature of the oven in an equation to the temperature sensor. But, most of the times this problem could be fixed by replacing the faulty components. It is better to look for combi oven repairs expert, who will have enough experience in this field.

Oven door not closing properly

If this is the case of your oven as well, make sure you unplug the oven from power if it’s an electric oven or disconnect from the gas source if it is a gas oven. Then detach the door of the oven by pulling it out slowly. Check if there is any loose straps or hinges in the oven and work on replacing them. You could also checkout for broken or bent door springs for repair and replacements if its required.

Oven interior light is off

This is also a common problem in most of the ovens these days. When this problem occurs, it is way better to change the light bulbs as soon as possible. You could even opt to change the light bulbs by yourselves. You could put on a pair of rubber gloves and get on with the process.

So, these are the most common problems seen in the ovens. It is better to have a better idea about the problems and about the solutions which could be taken as well.

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