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Why E-Ticketing Is the New Norm

Traditional paper tickets for events are a thing of the past. With digitization, e-ticketing is the new norm. Since smartphones first became widely available, people have embraced the concept of adopting practical digital substitutes. Everything is now stored in our smartphones and we just need to get the digital copy scanned before entering the venue. But e-ticketing offers even more advantages than just being convenient.

Purchasing e-tickets is easier

The moment the customer starts looking for tickets begins their impression on how organized an event is. When they find the process of purchasing tickets to be easy, they would tell their friends, family members, colleagues and other people they might know who would want to attend the event as well that purchasing the e-tickets is a seamless experience. Their word-of-mouth recommendation would ensure that you would have more attendees since their first experience with your event is stress free.

To ensure that your attendees don’t have any difficulties buying tickets, you could avail of the services of experienced e-ticket resellers such as Ticket Blaster. Or you could hire someone who would ensure that the technology, app, software or program that you will use to sell tickets is free from any bugs that would hinder the attendees to buy tickets effortlessly.

E-tickets is part of your event branding

E-tickets aside from event posters and announcements are what your attendees would first encounter about your event. Of course, they would go to your event because of the amazing activities and performers that you have organized. However, you should not disregard the aesthetics of your ticket shop and take their purchase for granted.

You risk losing some clients if the tickets are not aesthetically pleasing or you make the purchasing process so difficult that it takes your customers all day to browse your website. The tickets could also be used by your attendees to promote your event on social media. If the e-tickets are unique and appealing, they would post it in their social media accounts which in turn could attract others to attend your event.

E-tickets are better for last minute sales

Aside for the e-tickets being simpler to sell, and to track how many tickets have already been sold and how many are still available, they are also profitable since they are equipped for last minute sales. They would not need to purchase tickets at the door but simply just buy them online before they go to the venue. Misplaced or lost tickets are not an issue anymore as well. With all of these advantages, e-ticketing is indeed even more efficient.

E-tickets could also be used as a tool to get to know your clients better. They give you an access to all pertinent information about the attendees of your event. All of their contact information is available to you making it simpler to get in touch with them for marketing or to send them newsletter or announcements should you have future events or to just ask for their feedback regarding the recently concluded one.

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