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When Do You Need a Bull Bar?

A 4×4 vehicle is one of the best if you love having an adventure on different terrains and places where regular cars can’t easily reach. This vehicle could go through rough terrains and shallow bodies of water with firmness unlike other vehicles. Because of its amazing capacity, you’ll also need a lot of accessories to bring out its best performance all in all.

One of the essential accessories you should have in your 4×4 vehicle is a bull bar. Although most new models already have it upon purchase, the older versions don’t have this accessory yet and needs to be installed separately. If you still haven’t decided whether to add a bull bar or not, here are the best reasons that could get you convinced.

Protection from High Impacts

There are unexpected times when we get into a collision accident no matter how much carefully we drive. If it is a heavy collision, your vehicle could get badly damaged and would need more expensive repairs to get it back running at its normal state.

However, having a bull bar can protect your vehicle from high impact collisions, especially on the front part where the most important part is located – the engine. It is made from strong and durable steel just like this Triton bullbar, making it harder to break and serves as a protective barrier during collisions.

Protection from Animal Collisions

Animal collisions can’t be avoided and it is one of the most common road accidents any driver could face especially when driving on low visibility conditions. When you hit large animals on the road, the impact could cause severe damage to your vehicle especially when you’re running at a high speed.

A bull bar protects the front of your vehicle from the impact when colliding animals on the road. While you have the airbag and seat belt inside the car to keep you safe during a collision, a bull bar is the one that shields your vehicle’s engine from the damage that could be caused by a head-on collision.

Mounting Point for Other Accessories

Lastly, another purpose of a bull bar is a mounting spot for other accessories you need to install in your vehicle. There are plenty of accessories you’ll need especially when you’re driving off-road frequently – from a sand flag, off-road antenna, and many more.

You could also attach a winch on a bull bar easily than any other parts of your vehicle. A winch is greatly helpful when driving off-road since you could use it to pull out other vehicles when stuck or even use it to attach to other vehicles when you’re the one who needs help on the road.

With all those amazing purposes of a bull bar, it is without a doubt that a bull bar is a great accessory for your 4×4 vehicle. If your car still doesn’t have this part, now is the best time to look for the perfect one that suits and fits your ride perfectly.

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