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What to Know About Long Span Racking?

There are many reasons that long span racking is preferred. They are cost-effective and provide an ideal storage solution in many applications. There is no limitation on the size or type of good that can be stored on a long span shelf. One of the main reasons that they are used is because they don’t take up a lot of space on the floor.

Long span shelving can be easily assembled and disassembled by anybody as it will not need any expertise in the installation. They are used commonly for industrial and retail storage purposes. They are generally made out of steel and are considered a heavy duty shelving system. You can use long span racking for display purposes in a retail environment and they will last a long time because of the strength and durability of the material. You can also make changes to the height of the shelving.

This allows you to maximize space in a warehouse environment. You can find long span racking made out of other materials as well such as wood. They can be more cost-effective when compared to steel but they do not carry the same strength. However, they are a durable option to consider and you can still experience the flexibility it provides in configuration.

Generally, goods that need to be secured are placed in long span racking as the unit can be locked. You can ask for the required size and shape of racking for your purpose from the manufacturer. Make sure that you go through other racking systems provided by the manufacturer as well. You need to select a supplier who has a good track record and provides high quality racking solutions. A long span racking system will be more cost-effective than a commercial shelving unit.

If you are running on a tight budget, you can purchase these shelves along with the accessories required to install them. You can also consider buying used racking as this will further lower the price. But make sure that the material quality is sufficient for your purpose. It is easy to install long span racking as most can be fixed using clips. These clips are used to secure the shelves to the frame.

You can find modular long span racking that can be scaled up or down as per your requirements. It will also help you rearrange the shelving when required. When required, you can adjust the shelf height depending on the height of goods stored. You can easily use a forklift truck or a stacker crane to access goods that are stored at the top of the shelving unit. When you are purchasing shelving from a supplier, you need to let them know whether you are storing heavier loads so that heavy duty units can be selected.

There is a level of customization provided for shelving as well. These shelves are lightweight but this belies their strength and sturdiness. As the unit is lightweight, you can easily move it around. As you can build up the long span shelf vertically, you will be saving a lot of space on the ground. This increases the efficiency of your operation.

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