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What To Expect at A Strip Club for Your Bachelorette Party

If it is your first time planning a bachelorette party and you’ve never been to a strip club before, chances are you have a lot of questions in mind. All the more if your guests have not been to one before and you are in charge of answering the questions or telling them what to expect.

Fortunately, you have come to the right place to read all about strip club etiquettes. It is a lot of fun having a bachelorette party at a strip club. But to ensure that the night will go on without a hitch, you and your guests must always act appropriately. Not following them could result to you and your posse getting thrown out of the club and that will definitely put everyone on a sour mood.

Consent goes both ways

Even if that is what they do for a living, it doesn’t mean that they enjoy or tolerated being touched. You might think that there is nothing they would not say no to since they are dancing scantily clad in front of strangers but you have to remember that consent goes both ways and they are just making a living. Respect and don’t cross boundaries.

If you or your guests can’t help but want to touch the hottest male strippers Adelaide based strip clubs, ask them for permission first. If they declined, make sure that you respect their decision and just enjoy the show. Make sure as well to respect whoever it is that is performing. If their number is not to your liking, don’t jeer or boo.

Bring money in small denominations

For sure, you are already used to paying using your debit card or credit card. But cash is the prevalent payment method in strip clubs. What you see in movies where actors and actresses who go to strip clubs have a bundle of money in smaller denominations is accurate. You would need it to tip the bouncer, bartender, dancers and the other staff.

Having an exact payment for drinks would not hurt either so the bartender or the other staff would not have to give you back your change. Staffs working at a strip club, particularly the strippers are working hard to ensure that you have a good time and they start work even before clocking in, preparing for their routines. The least you could do to show them your appreciation is by tipping generously.

Photos and videos are not allowed

Bummer. But most strip clubs enforce this rule because it is for the safety and privacy of their staffs, especially the strippers, and other guests. It is saddening to not have any photos or videos to commemorate the good times but don’t try to sneak in a snap. Be respectful of the club’s rules and regulations. If you really must, ask the management where in the premises you are allowed to take a commemorative picture.

Lastly, strippers are there to entertain you and to make sure that you are having a good time. Even if they are being extra attentive to you, don’t misconstrue their actions. It’s their job to entertain you, nothing more, nothing less.

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