The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Guitar Case for Your guitar

Guitar lovers, guess what? If you are a lucky owner of a stunning guitar then, of course, you will know how crucial it is to protect your favorite thing. And that is where the true champion of the music ground opens its gates – the guitar case. Whether a person is performing in various shows around the city or just practicing at home, the right choice of guitar case will prevent various damages and scratches in the middle of the performance or in transport. So here is the complete and ultimate guide to selecting the best guitar case for your beloved friend too – the six string. 

The Importance of a Guitar Case

Your guitar is more than a mere tool of music and can be regarded as your creativity and even soul moving around. It is a remarkable instrument to which one should devote every effort to preserve it from getting damaged; this is why choosing a  guitar case is one of the most important decisions. A guitar case is used in the same way as a body armour providing the necessary protection to the instrument from everyday use. Being a musical instrument, the Guitar is usually carried from one gig to another or sometimes kept at home; in both situations, a strong case is important so as to preserve the quality of the instrument. 

 As far as a guitar case is concerned, one has to consider the product as an insurance for the musical asset which is being carried around. Just as when you accidentally hit your guitar, or during times of inclement weather, the case is a central player in how long and how well your favorite instrument lasts. 

 The next time you grab your beloved six string helper, take some time to realize it needs a protector and that is the guitar case.

Types of Guitar Cases

When it comes to the selection of guitar case, what type of case should be used is very essential. Proper cases are particularly hard and offer the highest degree of protection and are therefore preferable for traveling musicians or for those who own very pricey instruments. They came often possess a rough outer external shell manufactured from ABS plastic or fiberglass. 

 Whereas the hard shelled ones, often referred to as flight or sturdy cases, provide enhanced security and protection for the users, soft ones which are commonly referred to as gig bags are more convenient and portable. They are commonly cushioned to afford certain measure of safety and are portable as compared to rigid mic cases. 

 There is also another type worth looking at in details and it involves hybrid cases that come with features of both the hard shell and the soft shell cases. These provide more protection as compared to the soft cases but they are still portable, thus making them appropriate for most guitarists. 

 Thus, the type of the case for the guitar will be determined by the kind of use intended for the instrument.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Guitar Case

If you supposed knowing tips on how to search for the right guitar case, you should consider the following factors. The first thing you should consider is the general dimensions of your guitar, Its’ shape. Always ensure that you select your particular case for your specific instrument to ensure that it has a perfect fit to protect the instrument. 

 Secondly is the level of protection that is needed; this depends on the type of business that is being run and the area in which it is being conducted. Road warriors should consider obtaining a rigid hard shell case, which will protect the instrument from impact. On the other hand, if you are a fully professional who uses the car to transport the guitar or if you only play at home and occasionally transport your guitar, then taking a soft shell case is enough. 

 Think about the type and storage space that is available in that case too. Certain models include additional pockets for the things like picks, strings, and tuners and can prove useful for the musician who travels a lot. 

 Don’t forget about style! Choose a case that will fit your character and preferences because, besides the protection, people also want to have their unique looking equipment.

Hardshell Cases vs Soft Cases

Concerning the selection of the case, one of the simplest and most fundamental distinctions is in whether to buy a hard shell case or a soft shell case. Some examples of hardshell cases may include the ABS plastic or fiberglass, whereby they offer the highest protection to the items enclosed during transportation. That’s why they are suitable for musicians who travel or perform in various places very often. 

 As for soft cases, these normally come in fabric materials such as canvas and nylon fabrics. Despite not being as impact-resistant as hardshell ones they are lighter, and it is easier to carry them around. Soft cases are ideal to take with you every day, and keep in your house or apartment. 

 The difference between a hardshell case and a soft case will lie on the type of use you have in mind for your item. This is always predicated on matters of regular business travel with the guitar, or level of required protection, and, or the amount of willingness you have to part with for the guitar’s safety.

Maintaining and Caring for Your Guitar Case

Your guitar case needs protection and care to last as long as your instrument. If maintained as directed by the manufacturer, your case should last for years. Check the case for wear and tear to ensure that your musical instrument, especially the guitar, is not destroyed during shipment.

 People should always recall that getting the best guitar case is an investment people are making to safeguard their instrument. Select a case that would be appropriate for your usage and preference to have it with either hard shell or soft shell from a well known company. If the proper care and preservation is provided to the guitar case, the case will surely protect the guitar in all the places that music leads it. 

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