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Must-Have Electronics for a Boat

With the advancements in technology today, plenty of electronic devices have been created to make our daily lives easier. Boating is made a lot easier these days thanks to the electronic accessories we could install onboard. Everything is made easier than before – from navigation, safety, security, communication, and even entertainment.

There are plenty of boat electronics available on boat shops. However, there are some few that are a must-have in every boat. Read along to know more about the essential electronic you should have onboard.


Just like a car, you could also install a GPS device on your boat. It helps navigating through the waters a lot easier, giving you the complete information about your exact location and which routes you could take to reach your destination. The GPS or a chartplotter is one of the basic marine electronics every boat should have.

Multifunctional Displays

Multifunctional displays serve as the control centre of a boat. It is where you could control almost all the systems in your boat – from the electrical system, security, and many more. These displays are easy to operate and could either be keypad or touchpad controlled.

VHF Radio

A VHF radio is greatly helpful in times of emergency. You can use this radio to communicate with nearby boats and ports if you’re in an emergency. It could also tell the authorities about your exact location, making it easier and faster to locate your boat.

Engine Monitor

As the name implies, an engine monitor helps you monitor the fuel level, engine temperature, and everything that is related to the engine. Having a separate engine monitor makes it easier to monitor all the gauges, giving you better awareness about the condition of your boat’s engine.

Signal Boosters

Since boats usually go on far areas when navigating, it could get out of range from telecommunication signals. A signal booster is the best solution for that situation. It increases the range and help keep you connected with the world even when you are travelling in far places.

Fishfinder and Depth Sounder

If you have a fishing boat, you’ll need these two essential boat electronics. These two devices are used mainly for fishing boats. It helps determine how deep the waters you’re in and helps distinguish if there are fishes underneath your boat. Those two devices are greatly helpful in finding the perfect spot to fish.

Automatic Identification System

The automatic identification system or AIS serves as the transponder to the boat. It helps other vessels nearby to identify your boat especially when they can’t read the name and all the details about your boat over the VHF. The AIS constantly broadcasts your boat’s name, the direction, and speed of your vessel to the other vessels near you, especially in cases when your boat can’t be detected on the radar.

There are still plenty of boat electronics you could add in your boat. But with these must-have ones, your boating experience would surely be made easier and more convenient.

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