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How to Create a Pebble Finish Pool in Your Backyard

There are so many unique pool interiors you can choose from when you are building a new pool or renovating an existing one. In this article, we are looking into how you can create a pebblecrete or pebble finish pool. This gives such an interesting texture and look while maintaining a comfortable surface for the swimmers.

There are companies that will specialise in pebblecrete pool interiors. You can visit to get some more information about this finish and how you can select an experienced pool builder to achieve a perfect pebblecrete finish. When creating a new pool, you need to determine where you are planning to locate it and you should make a decision regarding the shape, style and size of the pool. All of this can be done by collaborating with the pool builder. A professional pool builder will bring a lot of experience and add value to the project so that you achieve a unique pool for your backyard reflecting your personal tastes. Once all design work is done and you have obtained the prerequisite approvals from the local authority, construction can start.


You will need to remove any landscaping that is present in the location and start excavating for the pool. You need to make sure that the pool is level and that there is sufficient drainage in the area. Once the pool structure is installed which includes the wall and floor, the finishing stage will start. Pebbles have to be mixed with concrete and aggregate in order to create a textured surface that can be applied to the walls and the floor of the pool. This gives a natural look to the pool and blends in nicely with a landscaped garden. You can actually match this pebble finish in the other elements you have around the pool such as a bar counter that has been finished in the same texture or a lounging area. You need to apply the pebble mixture to the floor and walls of the pool in layers. Once you start from the base layer, you can layer it to create a smooth and level finish at the end.

Once the pebble finish has been applied,

There are some finishing touches that can be done such as adding decorative elements to the edge of the pool such as tiles and adding lighting to create a dramatic effect. When having lights inside the pool, the electrical work has to be done in combination with the pool structure and a fitting has to be selected before the pebble finish starts so you know how this will be fixed to the wall or floor. This will allow you to have the fitting flush with the pebble finish as you will know the thickness of the fitting used. The pebble finish can be done as a DIY project but for a perfect finish, it is best to obtain the services of a professional as they will have the right equipment, materials and the expertise to complete the job without any issues.

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