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How to Add Elf on the Shelf to Your Christmas

There are so many traditions intertwined with the holiday season and the elf on the shelf is one of them. This is a tradition that many children around the world are familiar with and you can add this to your family Christmas tradition as well.

First of all, you will need to learn about the tradition.

There are books that paint the story of the elf in creative ways so that your children can visualise the story better. The story is about an elf or elves that embark on an adventure from the North Pole so that they can watch over children and their behaviour so that they can report back to Santa. And the elves get up to all sorts of antics which is what adds a touch of whimsy to the tradition. You need to choose an elf that suits your family and you can also ask your children to help you choose an elf. There are so many different elves to choose from such as birthday elf, special needs elf, elf baby etc. You can read the story together and learn what the elf stands for and what kind of adventures lie ahead for the elf.

You can select a name for the elf that has personal meaning.

Your children can give their ideas and you can create a name that means something to everybody in the family. And once you have a good idea of the elf that will visit your house, you will need to plan the arrival. There are many accessories and props that you can use such as a Santa mat, sleigh, fake snow etc. And there can be a letter to the children from the elf describing their journey from the North Pole to the house and how long they are planning to stay. This will help you create some boundaries and you can let the children know how they can incorporate the elf to their daily routine. For example, they can talk to the elf about the Christmas presents they are hoping to get and the good deeds they have done this year.

There are many playful scenarios

That can be created around the elf and you can purchase the accessories for this easily online. There are bath sets, beach sets, kitchen sets etc. that will allow you to set the scene wonderfully. For example, the elf can be in the living room rocking on a comfy chair and knitting tiny socks. You can even have a bit of thread unravelling from a sock with a tiny dog attacking it. The presence of the elf can be a great way to teach your children about compassion, kindness and acceptance. You can also document the adventures that the elf has got up to through the night by taking photos of the different scenarios set up. And this can go into a scrapbook to become a cherished memory. The entire family can get involved with this tradition; everyone can come up with different adventures for each night.

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