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Guide to Security and Emergency Lighting for Your Home

You have to ensure the safety and security of occupants in your home and one of the ways this can be done is by having emergency lighting. By selecting a reliable electrician in your local area, you will be able to learn more about effective lighting strategies and how best to safeguard your home.

Visit to get an idea of the range of services offered when it comes to security lighting. But before you select an electrician, you need to consider the benefits and types of security lighting. Security lighting can deter potential intruders as your house exterior will be illuminated. This way, you will be able to see anybody walking up to the home increasing visibility. Floodlights can cover large areas such as your backyard, driveway and entrances. Then there are motion activated lights that will turn on when there is movement. If there is activity around the home, you will be alerted by the light. The lighting system can be integrated to your security or surveillance system so that you will be able to check the source of disturbance. For an environmentally friendly option, you can consider solar powered lights and these can be quite cost-effective as well. When working with an electrician that specialises in security lighting installations, you will be able to find the ideal placements for the lights. For example, you need to illuminate all the exits and entrances of the house and this will include back doors and garage doors. This is a good deterrent.

You also need to illuminate pathways

And walkways so that anyone walking to the house will not fall or trip as a result of low visibility. You can have path lights or lighting at the ground level so that people can be guided along the path safely. These can also be motion activated. Windows are vulnerable points of entry in the home so you need to have sufficient lighting around the windows. This will remove any hiding spots. Motion activated lights are a good option for this. You should consider the outdoor spaces of your residence as well because a well-lit garden, lawn or backyard can improve your overall security. You can install lighting at the perimeter and also accent lights that illuminate landscaping features which can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Emergency lighting is a great way to prepare for unexpected events.

These will turn on when there is a power outage or natural disaster allowing the occupants of the house to carry out essential tasks or evaluate the house safely. There are battery powered lights that are portable and offers a high level of versatility. You can also use a built-in lighting guide for exit signs especially if you have a large house. This will help anybody get to safety in an emergency. Look for backup lighting systems that come with battery backups or generators for areas such as hallways, staircases etc. The placement of emergency lighting is very important. You need to have these along the primary escape routes which will be your staircase and corridors. Then there are critical areas such as bedrooms, home office, kitchen etc. that can function during a power interruption with the help of the emergency light.

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