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Now that you have created a channel for your school on YouTube, you may be wondering what comes next. This is where all of the enjoyable parts start to come into play. The quantity and variety of potential ideas for videos are virtually limitless. Just take a moment to consider the kind of material that your pupils, parents, lecturers, and other members of the community could find fascinating or helpful. Also, consider the kinds of content that might make your institution more interesting to kids who might attend it in the future. The following is a list of different sorts of videos that educational institutions commonly upload to their own YouTube channels:

Current events in the classroom- Conduct a few quick interviews with the students and record an entertaining update regarding what the classroom is working on at the moment. This is the first among many videos for schools that you can make. The pupils will take great pleasure in viewing themselves on the internet, and their families will value the opportunity to get insight into their children’s activities.

Field Trips-There are few things in life that are more enjoyable than going on a field trip with your class. Request that your instructors, chaperones, and students (if they are of an age where they can use phones) videotape memorable moments from the trip. The next step is to splice the clips together using the editor on YouTube.

Extracurricular Activities- Feature moments from various extracurricular activities, including athletic competitions, drama club, and other events. Do you want to see a rise in the number of people attending your sporting events, musical performances, cultural activities, and other types of events? Create some highlight movies to demonstrate to the community of your school what they are missing out on.

Taking part in the inner workings of extracurricular organizations- Is expanding the size of your band one of your band’s goals? Perhaps the theatre club could use the services of a few additional actors. Create a “behind the scenes” film that reveals the true nature of the organization, then upload it to your channel and share it with your subscribers.

Recent developments at the school- Do you have any significant news that you would want to share? Your school’s entire community may be reached instantly and effectively through the use of a platform such as your YouTube account. Find some students who are interested in playing newscasters on the video to make the report more entertaining for everyone.

Messages from the lecturers and the higher-ups at the institution- Your professors or other members of the faculty may have a group or class-specific communications of their own that they need to get out as soon as possible. Request that they create a video using their mobile device and then transmit it to you so that you may upload it to the channel. Featured members of the faculty and staff- Probably, the expertise and effort put in by your teachers make you feel a sense of pride. Why not put them on display on your own personal YouTube channel? Whether it be once a week or once a month, highlight a different instructor. Film them in action, and then conduct interviews with their contemporaries and former pupils to find out what it is that makes them so outstanding.

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