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Essential Tools for Gardening in Tight Spaces

You don’t need to worry about not having sufficient space for gardening as you can easily achieve a small garden in a balcony, patio, outdoor deck or even your kitchen window sill. If you are thinking of creating your own little garden, there are certain tools that you need to have at hand to make the most of the project. 

An important tool

For gardening is the hand trowel which will come in useful when working in small spaces. You can use this for planting and digging in a tight area. But make sure to choose a trowel that comes with an ergonomic handle with a good measure of sturdiness. And check the material of the blade as well. You will be able to make a lot of use with a stainless steel blade as you can place plants accurately. Garden tools can make your job a lot easier and you will be able to be more efficient in your gardening. You can trim and prune your plants using pruning shears. And these come in useful when removing damaged or dead branches. These allow you to have a high level of precision and you will be able to make a clean cut.

There are also different types of pruners

And a bypass pruner will be able to make a precise cut as it comes with two curved blades. In addition to the blades, you need to make sure that they come with comfortable grips so that you can easily use it. And it can be useful if it comes with a locking mechanism that allows for easy storage. A more lightweight option for pruning shears is garden scissors and these are great for carrying out delicate tasks in a small space. You can trim herbs with these and cut off small leaves and shoots. The pruning shears will be too bulky for this kind of delicate work. The scissors have to be sharp and compact so that they fit comfortably in your hand.

A hand rake is also a good option for small space gardening.

You can loosen the soil with this and remove any debris on the ground. You can level the ground easily with a hand rake. But make sure to select a compact rake that comes with short tines so that you can easily use it in a narrow space. You will need to water the garden quite frequently so you will need to look for a watering can that has a narrow spout. This allows you to provide water to the plants in a more controlled way. If you have a lot of small containers placed together closely, this is a good option to consider. But look for a watering can that come with a comfortable handle as you will be using this on a daily. And this will help you conserve water as well because you will be able to direct water to where it is needed without splashing it everywhere.

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