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Ensuring Furniture Safety During a House Move

Moving house can be exciting and challenging at the same time. One of the things you need to consider in this situation is how to move your furniture to the new location safely without any damage or accidents.

You have to plan for the move months in advance

And the first steps in ensuring furniture safety starts with taking inventory of your furniture. You may not take all the existing furniture to the new location so you will need to donate, sell or dispose of certain items. You need to have a detailed plan for moving each piece of furniture and in this plan you have to consider its weight, size and fragility. The layout of your current and new homes should be considered as well. For example, the dining room in your new house can be smaller or larger which will not be ideal if you were to take the same dining table you have at the moment. If the furniture piece is too large for the new space, you will need to make other arrangements such as having it in storage, donating or selling so that you can find money for a new piece. You can also work with experienced furniture movers Perth so that they can ensure your furniture is not damaged during the transport.   

It is important to have

The right supplies so that you can sufficiently protect the furniture during the transport. You will need bubble wrap, sturdy moving boxes in a variety of sizes, packing tape, mattress covers, furniture blankets and protective guards for corners in furniture. By choosing high quality packing materials, you will be able to ensure extra protection for your furniture and this can also prevent scratches and other damage. It is not practical to take larger items without disassembling as this will expose them to more damage and also take up a lot of space in the moving vehicle which can increase the cost of moving. You can therefore disassemble the furniture and pack delicate parts such as shelves, legs and drawers carefully. You need to keep track of all the hardware to each piece of furniture. You can have it in a Ziploc bag and tape it to the furniture itself with a label so that you don’t lose track of it.

Once you have disassembled the furniture

You need to wrap each piece in protective coverings so that you can avoid scratches or dents. For this, you can us moving pads or furniture blankets especially if the furniture piece is large. You can secure these items in place using stretch wrap or packing tape. When transporting fragile items like mirrors, you need to use foam padding or bubble wrap. Drawers can slide open during the transport and the same can happen with cabinet doors. To prevent this from happening, these need to be secured with furniture straps or packing tape. You also need to use the right techniques for lifting heavy furniture items so that you don’t strain or injure yourself. You have to use your legs to lift the weight instead of your back.

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