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Deciding Between New and Used Pallet Racking

Pallet racking is essential for maximizing storage space in a warehouse or distribution center. You also have to consider your requirements when it comes to the type of items to store, available space at the facility, regulations that you need to comply with etc. when selecting pallet racking. And there is also the question of whether or not to purchase brand new racking. Purchasing used racking is always the more affordable option. But there are other considerations.

Pallets are large and can be very heavy. In most racking systems they are stacked up to a great height. If the pallets collapse because of an error or due to poor quality, there is a lot of property damage that can take place not to mention workplace injuries. Therefore, ensuring the safety of the pallets is very important. When selecting secondhand pallet racking, you should know where it comes from. If it is coming from the manufacturer, then you can be sure that it will be in the original condition. You have to know who has manufactured the pallet racking to ensure that you are using the right beams, fixings etc. Generally, there will be markings on the items to ensure that everything is in order. When you buy new pallet racking, you have assurance that it has not sustained previous damage. But you will not have the same certainty with used racking.

There is a warranty that you will be given with new pallet racking. So if there is an issue, you will be able to cover the cost. Pallet racking can be expensive especially when you are purchasing a large amount and if there is any damage or fault with the racking; replacing all of it can be an added cost which can put a strain on your finances. So with new racking, you have some assurance that you are financially protected. But that is not to say that secondhand racking should not be used. It all depends on the quality of the racking. And buying secondhand will be more cost-effective.

There are some things that you will need to look out for when buying used pallets. You should check whether there are any loose components in the system that can affect its strength and integrity. Examine the condition of the planks and see if there are any that are broken. Sometimes, some of the support blocks may be missing. You need to have a checklist and see if each item is accounted for so that you don’t need to go looking for missing items later on.

You have to carefully examine the joints of the racking and see if there are any that have been improvised. There can be some damage to the diagonals such as dents and bending. Check if you can see corrosion on the components or any other damage. The racking system should be made by one manufacturer and one brand.

If you see parts that are of different brands, you will not be able to ensure that all of it fits perfectly. Make sure that you have a qualified inspector come by the warehouse to examine the pallet racking periodically. This should be done even with new racking. This way, any issues can be identified and rectified immediately preventing any damage in the future.

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