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Correct Way to Use a Whipper Snapper

Keeping your lawn neat can be a labor intensive affair and lawnmowers or whipper snappers can help you with this a great deal. They can allow you to cut the lawn precisely and reach places that are difficult to reach. You will be able to create walkways that have sharp and clean edges.

While whipper snappers are very useful, they can be quite dangerous so you need to be very careful when you use them. The head of the whipper snapper and the string can cause serious injury and you need to be aware of the debris that is going everywhere when you are operating it. You can find many whipper snipper attachments that will make your work easier. These can be found on online shops as well which will make the selection of attachments and delivery convenient. Before you use a whipper snapper, you need to consider the weather and see whether it can hinder your performance or make the operation less safe for you.

If it has rained the previous day or the forecast predicts rain for the day, it is best to wait until it clears up. There is a higher chance of you slipping or falling in wet weather. And it is quite difficult to cut wet grass. So the whipper snapper will be straining to cut the grass as well. This is not good for the durability of the machine. 

You need to inspect the yard and see whether there are any small objects that can get in the way of the whipper snapper and be thrown at a speed. Make sure you clear up any objects on the lawn. When using the whipper snapper very close to windows or doors with glass, it is best to cover them with some plywood for safety. If any object flies out and hits the opening, you will not have to worry about costly repairs and replacements. Make sure that you have sufficient safety gear so that you can’t be harmed by flying debris. Some of the protective gear to wear are goggles to protect eyes, a face shield, thick gloves suited for heavy duty work, ear muffs etc. Make sure that you are wearing long sleeves and long pants so that your skin is covered.

You always have to be aware of what is going around in your surroundings. Make sure that you keep a gap of about 50 feet from any person walking by or any animal. Whenever you see anybody getting close, you can shut off the whipper snapper until they are at a safe distance. There are certain adjustments that you can try to make sure that the whipper snapper is modified for your height such as adjustable handles shoulder straps etc.

While you may think running the whipper snapper at its maximum speed will help you complete the job faster, you can get good performance with a moderate speed. You will have to experiment with it for a bit to find this sweet spot. When you run it at the maximum speed, there is a lot of vibration and noise that is generated and it will negatively affect the lifespan of the machine.

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