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The Importance of Logbook Servicing

A logbook service is a type of auto service recommended by the vehicle manufacturer to ensure the vehicle’s warranty remains valid. It is a proactive approach to maintaining your vehicle and will include a confirmation stamp after each service by a logbook-compliant vehicle repairer. The stamp confirms the type of service and the repairs carried out so that over time the owner has a record of the vehicle’s service history. The logbook is provided by the vehicle manufacturer with information about what is required to maintain the vehicle’s warranty. The timing and service schedules are mentioned in the logbook.

The process is similar to getting a regular health screen to ensure everything is in working order. Periodic inspections are designed to keep your vehicle in mint condition for longer. Attending to small repairs early can prevent a big issue later that might require a large investment.

Not every vehicle service centre is an authorised logbook service centre like car service Belconnen. You will need to call ahead and make a few inquiries before paying a visit.

Contrary to popular belief you do not need to have your vehicle serviced at your vehicle manufacturer’s service centre, instead, you can choose to visit an authorised logbook service centre of your choosing.

Benefits of maintaining a logbook service by an authorised logbook compliant vehicle repairer for your vehicle include;

Less Repair and Maintenance Costs

A reduction in costs is a key benefit of keeping to a regular service schedule. Periodic servicing as per the manufacturer’s recommended schedule ensures that issues are nipped in the bud preventing them from escalating into something damaging and expensive. As an aside, the practice of regular servicing can impact the life of the vehicle, keeping it in good shape for longer. When you are going to buy the highest quality water resistant backpack for your bike rides, then you are not going to suffer from any water damage along the way


Following the vehicle manufacturer’s guidelines and timetable for periodic inspections and servicing has a direct bearing on the warranty of the vehicle. Not following instructions or having your vehicle services done at a centre that is not a logbook compliant service centre can void the manufacturer’s warranty.  

If your vehicle has a problem that is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty and if it is within the warranty period, you need to produce the service records with verification stamps of the authorised logbook service centre, to claim your warranty.

Resale Value

Buyers place a premium on vehicles serviced by an authorised logbook service centre and are willing to pay a higher price for such a vehicle. It proves to the buyer that the vehicle has been maintained well and that there will not be any surprises in big repairs soon after purchase. For the seller, the logbook records are proof of regular maintenance and the authenticity of the vehicle’s current state.

Activity Record

The logbook service system inadvertently forces you to maintain a record of all that was attended to during each service visit. When the vehicle runs into a sudden problem your service centre can run a quick scan of the records to arrive at an accurate reading of what needs to be done.

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