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How to Prepare Your Child for Primary School

Going to primary school can be a new challenge for your child. This will provide them with a foundation for future learning and you need to make sure that your child is in a supportive environment that allows them to explore new things and grow as a person.

Going to primary school

Will be the first time that your child is spending extended time away from the family. So you need to encourage your child to be more independent so that they are able to adapt to the new environment easily. You need to start well in advance before primary school begins so that it gives your child enough time to acclimate to new things. You can start small and start to add more activities that will help build independence skills of your child. Some of the things you can ask them to o on their own will be using the bathroom, choosing an outfit and dressing themselves and cleaning up after playing. Basic academic skills like reading, writing, recognising letters and number and counting will be taught to your child in primary school but you can introduce these things to your child gradually so they don’t become frustrated with not understanding. You can come up with fun ways to make learning enjoyable. Your child should not feel like they are learning; they should be having fun all the while getting a good grasp of basic concepts.

Social skills are very important when it comes to private primary schools Brisbane. Your child will need to collaborate with their peers when it comes to carrying out different activities. But if they are not used to playing or working with those in the same age range, you can arrange play dates for them to get to know other children. You can also help guide their social skills and encourage them to share and take turns when playing with a toy. This will also teach them how to communicate properly with others be it peers or teachers. There will be a routine in the primary school that will have a set time for playing, studying, sleeping and eating. You can contact the school to ask about their schedule so that you can establish a similar routine at home. And this will get them used to follow a structure when it comes to their day.

You can visit the primary school with your child so they are used to the surroundings.

They can also meet the teachers and maybe some of the other children that will be in the same class. Acclimatizing your child to these new surroundings will make them more comfortable with the new environment. And it will not come as a shock when you drop them off on their first day. You can also help build a positive attitude by reading and engaging in educational activities so that they can develop a love of learning allowing them to succeed in their academic career. You can read stories to them and carry out storytelling activities such as using hand puppets, different voices etc. to encourage them to read.

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