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How To Become an Eco-Friendly Coffee Lover

With so many coffee lovers all over the globe, coffee had become a truly popular drink on almost all ages. Since there are already so many local coffee shops around, it’s easy to just grab your favourite drink before going to work, school, or wherever you want to be. However, since the rise of coffee shops, more and more disposable coffee cups that can’t be recycled have become a problem. More waste produced fills up the landfills and just adds to the global trash problem.

As a coffee lover, the thought of doing harm to the environment as you enjoy a hot cup of coffee is simply bothering. Luckily, there are things you could do to enjoy your favourite drink without the guilt of doing harm to nature. Read along to learn more.

Bring Reusable Coffee Cups

Disposable coffee cups are one of the main problems when it comes to getting coffee from your favourite coffee shop. While these cups may look like they could be recycled, most of those cups are lined with polyethylene as a waterproofing feature, making them non-recyclable for a lot of facilities.

Before running to your favourite café, bring a reusable coffee cup instead of using those shop paper cups. After enjoying your coffee, there’s nothing to throw in the trash. There are also some coffee shops that offer perks for customers who bring their own coffee cup or tumbler.

Look for Reusable Alternatives to Coffee Pods

If you have a coffee machine at home and prepare your own coffee on a regular basis, coffee pods are one of the common wastes produced after making coffee. Reduce your waste production by switching to recyclable coffee pods instead.

Some pods can be recycled at home while other manufacturers have a recycling program where consumers can send back used pods to be recycled. You could also consider reusable coffee pods if you prepare and pack your own coffee grounds at home. Simply wash the pod and reuse it for the next cup without any plastic pod that ends in the trash.

Reuse Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds is the heaviest waste produced when making coffee. If you make coffee at home, you could make use of the coffee grounds by putting it into a compost and using it as an organic fertilizer for your garden. There are also other ways to reuse coffee ground without throwing them away into the trash bin. You could use it as an ingredient for your beauty regimen, as a natural cleaning agent, and many more.

Buy Coffee in Recyclable Packaging

It’s common to see coffee sold in foil bags. However, foil is non-biodegradable and not recyclable as well which means every bag you buy adds to the pile of foil bags in the landfill. Look for coffee that are packaged in paper bags or even cloth ones. Paper bags are biodegradable and cloth bags can be reused the next time you buy coffee again.

Being mindful in everything we do, even in just preparing and enjoying our favorite drink helps a lot in preserving the environment. With those tips, you could enjoy every cup without the guilt of causing harm to the environment.

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